Sup, I'm Ginz.

I'm a Senior Product Designer @Airtime.
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Product Designer. Entrepreneur.

I was born and raised in a small town in CT. Growing up, I was a terrible student. I was unwilling to devote my energy to things I didn't have an interest in...but once I developed a passion for something, you couldn't pull me away from it.
My ability to commit and focus developed once my father introduced his love for tennis to me as a teenager. On weekends, I would travel and compete in tournaments. My passion for the sport exploded once I joined my high school team. I went on to play Division I tennis @UConn, and eventually was elected captain my senior year.

When I wasn't competing, I was either reading up on the latest consumer tech products, or creating stories through drawing, writing, filming, or animating. Eventually, I combined my competitive drive, and interests in product and storytelling to start my first company, @Loki.

Now, I am a Senior Product Designer @Airtime.

Samples of Work that I'm proud of.